Edge Restraints

Paver edge restraints keep pavers from shifting with use and creating gaps.

Alliance Gator - Edging

Product Item Number Package Minimum Order Pallets
Gator Edge Rigid GATOREDGE001 8″ length 24 pcs./bundle 672/pallet
Gator Edge Flex GATORFLEX001 8″ length 24 pcs./bundle 672/pallet
Gator Edge Mini-Pro GATOREDGE003 8″ length 24 pcs./bundle 384/pallet

Snap Edge Paver Restraint

Product Item Number Details Pallets
Paver Edge Restraint 8′ piece ESEPR96-672 24/bundle 28 bundles
Low Profile 6′ 8″ ESELP80-672 24/bundle 28 bundles
10″ Spikes SSBR10-150-048 150/box 48 boxes

For additional information on SEK Snap Edge or Alliance Gator Edge Rigid, including the most recent installation manuals and specifications please visit their websites.

RCP Product Guide

Product Guide

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